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An article describing Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Doris Kearns Goodwin's lecture on presidential leadership before an audience of about 400 students, faculty and fans in the Eynon Ballroom at Rowan University. The speech was part of the…

This malachite box was given to President Lyndon B. Johnson by the Soviet Premier Aleksey N. Kosygin. It was presented to Johnson during the Glassboro Summit between June 23-25, 1967. The maker is unknown. This box is described with a gilt bronze…
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Drawing of Dr. George Neff While in Russia done by artist native to the country, they drew each other and exchanged the photos.
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Dr. George Neff presents President Johnson with the Ink drawing of Hollybush, this is the pair meeting in the Oval Office for the first time.

DR. GEORGE NEFF, Professor of Art at Glassboro State College created his first drawing of Holly Bush, in pencil, several years before the summit meeting. From this original work, two additional drawings were rendered in pen and ink during the…

In this black and white photo Dr. George Neff and Governor Hughes of New Jersey give president Johnson the ink drawing of Hollybush created by George Neff.
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