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The Glassboro Summit Collection was created by Rowan University’s Digital Scholarship Center in collaboration with Rowan University Libraries, University Publications, and the Archive and Special Collections. Its focus is to provide students, historians, and community members access to primary and secondary resources related to the Glassboro Summit. The collection is intended as an educational resource to inspire new scholarship and learning about the Cold War, diplomacy, the Glassboro Summit and how the summit impacted the local community.






Contributing an item:

The Glassboro Summit Collection’s focus is to assist students, historians, and community members in learning about the history of the Glassboro Summit. By sharing your stories, photographs, documents, writings, and film footage you help future generations better understand this pivotal event in Cold War history and how the event impacted the local community. We are also interested in collecting and sharing new research and digital projects related to the Glassboro Summit. If you are interested in contributing to the Glassboro Summit Collection please visit: http://glassborosummit.com/contribution


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Benson, Michael, Borden, Sara, Holloway, Karen, Marshall, Lori. et al. The Glassboro Summit Collection. 2017. www.glassborosummit.com. Web. [access date].


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